45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

FAQ: Ticket Sales

When will ticket sales start for the festival?
The online ticket sale for the 45th edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam is expected to start on Friday 22 January 2016 at 20:00 hrs. Tiger Friends and those who have an Unlimited Pass are able to purchase their tickets one day before official tickets: from Thursday 21 January 2016 at 20:00 hrs. During the festival, tickets are available online and at the box offices in festival centre de Doelen and all the other festival locations.

Where can I buy tickets?
In the presale, you can only order tickets online on this website. During the festival, tickets are available online as well as at the box offices in festival centre de Doelen and all the other festival locations.

How does buying tickets online work?
You may purchase tickets online using a personal MyIFFR account, which is easy to create. After payment you will subsequently receive a confirmation accompanied by an e-ticket. Already know which film(s) you would like to see? In the programme schedule or the specific film pages on this website, you may purchase tickets by clicking 'Buy tickets'. You may pay by iDeal or credit card. After the order process and payment, you will be emailed a confirmation with an e-ticket attached, of which you have to take along a print to the cinema. Purchases made as a Tiger Friend, a Tiger Friend Unlimited or with an Unlimited Pass will be uploaded onto your pass. Please bring your pass to the screenings.

PLEASE NOTE: purchasing tickets on a mobile device is currently not supported.

What is an e-ticket and how does it work?
After purchasing tickets on this website, you will receive an email with a PDF file as an attachment for every individual screening: the e-ticket. An e-ticket guarantees entry to the corresponding film screening. Print the e-ticket and bring it with you to the cinema. The bar code on the e-ticket printout will be scanned at the door. If you have more questions concerning e-tickets, please refer to the FAQ on e-tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have bought tickets, but did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spambox. If you have bought tickets as a Tiger Friend (Unlimited) or with an Unlimited Pas or Tiger Discount, you will not receive e-tickets, but instead your tickets will be virtually uploaded to your pass. If you have bought tickets with CJP or student discount, please bring your CJP or student card along with your confirmation email to the festival box offices to pick up your tickets.

How many tickets may I purchase?
You may buy 20 tickets per person per screening. PLEASE NOTE: during the online sales from 22 January 2016 (or 21 January for Tiger Friends and those who have an Unlimited Pass), you have one hour to complete your order. You will be warned about this when placing an order in your online shopping cart. Should you not complete your order within an hour, your shopping cart will be emptied automatically. When ordering online during the festival, you have fifteen minutes to complete your orders.

Where can I buy Last Minute Tickets?
Tickets that have not been sold one hour before the screenings will be sold with a 50% discount. Information on where and how to buy Last Minute Tickets (page only available during the festival) can be found on this website in the programme schedule or the webpages of the films.

Is it possible to return or trade purchases?
Returning online purchases is not possible. These are definite once the payment process has been completed. However, it is possible to swap ticket(s) for regular screenings at the box offices for a surcharge of €2 per ticket. This is possible up to two hours prior to each regular screening.

Is it possible to buy tickets with my tablet or smart phone?
No, that is currently not possible.

Where may I find an overview of the tickets I purchased?
In due time you can find an overview of the tickets you purchased in your MyIFFR account. This overview also offers the option to re-send e-tickets to your email address and can be downloaded as well. You may also link your MyIFFR account to the mobile IFFR app so as to have your personal festival programme at hand.

NEW since IFFR 2015: your purchased tickets can be found in the IFFR app. After logging on to your MyIFFR account in the app, you can find the barcodes of your purchased tickets when clicking 'MyTickets'; they can be scanned right off your smartphone! Please note that older phones or a low screen brightness may cause problems when scanning. We advise you to set the brightness of your phone to maximum. The IFFR 2016 app for iOS and Android is expected to debut on Wednesday 20 January 2016.
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