45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

FAQ: Unlimited Pass

What is the Unlimited Pass?

An Unlimited Pass allows you to acquire single tickets for €0 to all standard IFFR film screenings. The pass is personalised and you may acquire a maximum of one single ticket for €0 per screening. You can purchase any additional tickets for the regular, CJP or student discount price. Unlimited Pass holders are entitled to purchase tickets during the exclusive online presale, 24 hours before official ticket sales start. An Unlimited Pass costs €360.

Where can I purchase an Unlimited Pass?
You can buy a pass for IFFR 2016 on the Unlimited Pass page from mid-November 2015.

Do I still have to get tickets if I have bought an Unlimited Pass?
Yes. You have to acquire a €0 ticket for every film screening you wish to attend. Upon acquisition, the tickets are automatically loaded onto your Unlimited Pass, and will be scanned at the door to the film screening. Please note: without a valid €0 ticket on your Unlimited Pass, you will not be admitted to the film screening.

Where and how do I acquire tickets using my Unlimited Pass?
You can get tickets during the online ticket sales or during the festival at the festival locations and the central box office in festival centre de Doelen. When purchasing online, please ensure that you have logged in using the same MyIFFR account you purchased your Unlimited Pass with. When getting tickets at the box office, you should keep your Unlimited Pass at hand. Unlimited Pass holders are entitled to purchase tickets during the exclusive online presale, 24 hours before official ticket sales start.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have bought tickets with your Unlimited Pass, as a Tiger Friend or with Tiger Discount, you will not receive e-tickets, but instead your tickets will be virtually uploaded to your pass. Please bring your Tiger Discount pass to the cinema, where it will be scanned before entry. Read more at the FAQ Ticket Sales.

To which film screenings can I acquire tickets for with my Unlimited Pass?
The Unlimited Pass is valid for all standard film screenings, the opening film and the closing film + closing party.

I have purchased an Unlimited Pass. Will it be sent to my home address?
The Unlimited Pass will be sent to your home address mid January before the festival starts. Please note: the pass can only be sent to you if you have uploaded a passport photo to your MyIFFR account.

Do I need my pass when ordering tickets?
No. Your Unlimited Pass is connected to your MyIFFR account. When ordering tickets online, these will be uploaded to your account and your pass simultaneously. However, when getting tickets at the box offices, you should keep your Unlimited Pass at hand.

When do the priority ticket sales for holders of Unlimited Passes start?
These start 24 hours before the official online ticket sales: the presale on Thursday 15 January 2015. The latter moment will cause extreme traffic on our website so be sure to become a Tiger Friend well in advance and keep the login details for your MyIFFR account at hand.
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