45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films: previous winners

<strong>La fièvre</strong>
<strong>Greetings to the Ancestors</strong>
<strong>La isla</strong>
<strong>The Chimera of M.</strong>
<strong>The Tiger's Mind</strong>
<strong>Unsupported Transit</strong>
<strong>Big in Vietnam</strong>
<strong>Jan Villa</strong>
<strong>Wednesday Morning Two A.M.</strong>


Things by Ben Rivers (United Kingdom)
La fièvre by Safia Benhaim (France)
Greetings to the Ancestors by Ben Russell (USA, South Africa, United Kingdom)


La isla by Dominga Sotomayor and Katarzyna Klimkiewicz (Chile/Poland/Denmark)
Giant by Salla Tykkä (Finland/Romania(
The Chimera of M. by Sebastian Buerkner (United Kingdom)

Janus by Erik van Lieshout (the Netherlands)
The Tiger's Mind by Beatrice Gibson (United Kingdom)
Unsupported Transit by Zachary Formwalt (the Netherlands)

Generator by Makino Takashi (Japan)
Big in Vietnam by Mati Diop (France)
Springtime by Jeroen Eisinga (the Netherlands)

Stardust by Nicolas Provost (Belgium)
Pastourelle by Nathaniel Dorsky (USA)
Jan Villa by Natasha Mendonca (USA/India)
Alberto De Michele’s I Lupi (The Wolves, Italë) was chosen as the Rotterdam Short Film Nomination for the European Film Awards 2011.

Atlantiques by Mati Diop (Senegal/France)
Wei Wen (Condolences) by Ying Liang (China)
Wednesday Morning 2 A.M. (Lewis Klahr, USA)

Bernadette by Duncan Campbell (UK)
Despair by Galina Myznikova & Sergey Provorov (Rus)
A Necessary Music by Beatrice Gibson (UK)

Ah, Liberty! by Ben Rivers (UK)
As I Lay Dying by Ho Yuhang (Malaysia)
Observando el cielo by Jeanne Liotta (USA)


Video Game by Vipin Vijay (India, 2006)
Hinterland by Geoffrey Boulangé (France, 2007)
The Flag by Köken Ergun (Turkey, 2007)

Beginnings by Roy Villevoye (The Netherlands, 2006)
Rabbit by Run Wrake (United Kingdom, 2005)
Who I Am and What I Want by David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd (United Kingdom, 2005)

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