45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Hivos Tiger Awards Competition

<strong>Winners Hivos Tiger Awards 2015</strong>
<strong>Hivos Tiger Awards winners 2014</strong>
<strong>Hivos Tiger Awards 2013</strong>
<strong>The winners of 2012</strong>
<strong>The winners of 2012</strong>
<strong>Clip</strong> Winner 2012
<strong>De jueves a domingo </strong> Winner 2012
<strong>Egg and Stone </strong> Winner 2012
The Hivos Tiger Awards are granted by a renowned international jury to the filmmakers of the three best films from the competition. The award includes €15.000 (for each of the three winners). Only first or second films can be selected for IFFR's Hivos Tiger Awards Competition. The Hivos Tiger Awards Competition will comprise approximately fifteen titles.

Jury Tiger Awards Competitie 2015
  • Rolf de Heer
  • Ichiyama Shozo
  • Maja Miloš
  • José María Prado Garcia
  • Johanna ter Steege

Fifteen first or second feature films will compete in the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition.

Since the beginning of the competition in 1995 a lot of filmmakers got their well deserved Tiger Award. Here's a list of all winners per year.

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