45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Doors of Fear: El NaddahaPC-2012 
Abwab al khouf: El Naddaha

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This episode of the unique Arbag horror series revolves around Adam Yassin (played by Amr Waked), a clairvoyant journalist who writes about unsolved mysteries with details that are only known to him and the people he writes about. He has a gift that enables him to contact another realm to find out things about these unsolved cases. This gift, however, plagues him in his personal life as he struggles with his visions and reality.

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Egypt 2011
DirectorAhmed Khaled
ProducerAmr Koura
ScenarioMahmoud Desoky, Ahmed Khaled, Mohamed Solaiman
CastAmr Waked
 Riham Ayman
 Gamil Rateb
 Rania Shahin
PhotographyNezar Shaker
EditorAshraf Kholy, Rania Montasser
Production designKarim Shatila
Sound designIbrahim Desoky
MusicSammy Sayed
Film formatHDcam
2012 Signals: Power Cut International premiere
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