45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Alms for the Blind HorseBF-2012 
Anhey ghorhey da daan

In the Punjab region during one turbulent night, a home is demolished at the orders of the landlord. In the morning, the whole village protests. A film dealing with the marginalized and the exploited in a universally and cinematically appealing manner.

In a refined balladic manner, this atmosphere-driven film tackles the fate of a repressed family in a village in the Punjab. The old and ill father joins a villagers’ protest against a landlord responsible for demolishing a house. His son Melu, a rickshaw driver in a nearby town who was injured during a labour strike, takes to drinking and wandering the streets. On the night of the lunar eclipse, some gunshots are heard and the village is impregnated with tension. Poor and marginalized, the characters silently but emphatically emanate restlessness and discontent.
The director creatively uses space as the silent witness of events. The successfully chosen cast of mostly authentic villagers contribute with their minimalistic performances to the contemplative atmosphere of the film. This was the last project of the late great Indian cineaste Mani Kaul, who acted as creative producer in this remarkable debut.

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India 2011
DirectorGurvinder Singh
ProducerNina Lath Gupta
 National Film Development Corporation India
ScenarioGurvindar Singh, based on the novel by Gurdial Singh
CastMal Singh
 Samuel John
 Sarbjeet Kaur
 Dharminder Kaur
 Emmanuel Singh
 Kulwinder Kaur
 Lakha Singh
 Gurvinder Makhna
PhotographySatya Rai Nagpaul
EditorUjjwal Chandra
Production designPankaj Dhiman
Sound designMandar Kulkarni
MusicCatherine Lamb
Film format35mm
2012 Bright Future
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