45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016


Personal experimental chronicle of a woman and her suicidal tendencies, played by the director herself. She used a variety of film techniques including double exposure and colouring to give the internal alienation an external form. In captions and a narrator's voice, the woman's existential distress is illuminated in detail. Reeves, who earlier made bloody visual adaptations of poems, does not shirk from the ultimate consequence in portraying a suicidal mental case. (GjZ)

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USA 1996
DirectorJennifer Reeves
ProducerJennifer Reeves
ScenarioJennifer Reeves
CastJennifer Reeves
 Noelle Kalom
 Barbar Lee
PhotographyJennifer Reeves, Ann Rosetti, James Hibler
EditorJennifer Reeves
Film format16mm
1998 the cruel machine
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