45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016


An imaginative reflection of a Brazilian family in which both housekeeping and relaxation are entirely directed by electronic equipment. If everything works out and happens on time, the mother of the house also comes into her own! A powerful, original and personal interpretation of Brazilian middle-class life in the town of Recife.

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Brazil 2005
DirectorKleber Mendonça Filho
ProducerKleber Mendonça Filho
 Cinemascópio Produções
ScenarioKleber Mendonça Filho
CastMagdale Alves
 Gabriela Souza
 Pedrinho Bandeira
PhotographyRoberto Santos Filho
Production designJuliano Dornelles
Film format35mm
2007 Short: As Long As It Takes
2006 Short: As Long As It Takes
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