45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Fuk Fuk à BrasileiraMG-2012 
Fuk Fuk Brazilian Style

A class-conflict satire featuring little-person actor Chumbinho as a domestic-cum-slave who escapes the home of his wealthy employers to go on dream-like journey through a subterranean universe of repressed sexual yearning. From the adults only fase of the Mouth of Garbage production.

A class conflict satire thinly veiled as 'pornochanchada', Fuk Fuk Brazilian Style is one of the strangest works to come out of the Boca do Lixo’s hardcore phase. Mixing slapstick comedy and surrealism, the film stars prolific dwarf actor Chumbinho as Siri, a domestic-servant-cum-slave who escapes captivity from a wealthy couple to go on a dream-like journey through a subterranean world of repressed sexual yearning. Dragging a crate of dildos behind him, Siri’s episodic adventures include a flophouse rub from a horny couple and a chance meeting with a talking horse on a beach. Eventually, the character finds himself a servant again, this time in a brothel, where he discovers a spaceship shaped like a giant penis.

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Brazil 1986
DirectorJean Garret
ProducerAntonio Meliande
 Meliande Produções Artísticas
ScenarioJean Garret
 Bianchina Della Costa
 Andrea Pucci
 Oasis Minniti
 Oswaldo Cirillo
Film format35mm
2012 Signals: The Mouth of Garbage
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