45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

My Tears Are DrySH-2010 

Inspired by All My Life (1966, Bruce Baillie), My Tears Are Dry features the deep soul of singer Hoagy Lands and captures a languid moment in the eternal Californian sun.

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Spain, USA 2009
DirectorLaida Lertxundi
ProducerLaida Lertxundi
ScenarioLaida Lertxundi
CastTanya Rubbak
 Laura Steenberge
PhotographyLaida Lertxundi
EditorLaida Lertxundi
Sound designLaida Lertxundi, Lucas Quigley
MusicLaura Steenberge, Hoagy Lands
Film format16mm
2010 Spectrum- Shorts
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