45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Our NewspaperSH-2011 
Nasha gazeta

Charming documentary about Our Newspaper and journalism in a forgotten region, against the imposing backdrop of contemporary Russia.

In Our Newspaper, reporter Andrej Shkolni does not write about what is being decided in faraway Moscow and impractical plans, but he does discuss the village that has had no water for three months, the farmer who found his dog by barking and the village doctor who cycles many kilometres a day at -26 C to visit her patients.

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Netherlands 2011
DirectorEline Flipse
ProducerEline Flipse
 Elifli Film
SalesElifli Film
ScenarioEline Flipse
PhotographyErik van Empel
EditorPuck Goossen
Sound designPaul Gies
MusicMaurice Horsthuis
Film formatHDcam
2011 Spectrum Shorts World premiere
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