45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

It's UsBF-2014 
Ni sisi

Convincing proof that an educational, political film made in Africa (Kenya) can also be good fun. Even comical. A nonchalant mix of film and theatre, inspired by the election riots of 2007: on mistrust in a fragile community. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

Until the 2007 elections, Kenya was seen as a beacon of stability in a troubled region. But when the presidential candidates incited their followers with accusations of election fraud, tribal tensions proved to simmer below the surface here too. More than 1,200 Kenyans lost their lives in the violence that erupted.
To send out a message of national unity and peace, the theatre group SAFE produced the play It’s Us immediately following the bloodshed. After several years touring the country, it has now been filmed. It’s Us does more than point the finger at those stirring up tribal unrest. The film also poses questions on the individual responsibility of those who became involved.
It’s Us paints a portrait of a typical Kenyan community. Ethnic background is not really important; Luo, Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Luhya live side by side - until a local politician hopes to win the elections by spreading rumours. Suspicion and distrust grow and things start to escalate.

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Kenya 2013
DirectorNick Reding
ProducerKrysteen Savane
ScenarioNick Reding
CastJospeh Babu Wairimu
 Mercy Wanjiru
 Edna Daisy
PhotographyJoan Poggio
EditorCarole Gikandi Omondi
Sound designAlex Njuguna
Film formatDCP
2014 Bright Future European premiere
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