45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Case for a Rookie HangmanCR-2003 
Pripad pro zacinajiciho kata

An absurd feature based on Gulliver's Travels, in which the hero gets lost in his car and ends up in a strange version of the village where he grew up.

is inspired by Swift's third book from Gulliver's Travels. Gulliver comes to the mysterious country Balnibahri after meeting a rabbit with a pocket watch. The inscription on the watch introduces him to this wonderful world, the capital of which, Laputa, floats above the ground. Thanks to the watch he gets through to the government. While the people of Laputa think they are ruled by a real king, the man in question turns out to have been working as a porter at the Carlton Hotel in Monte Carlo for twelve years. Gulliver has to promise to keep this secret to himself. Of course he lets it slip out and ends up being hunted. A village idiot helps Gulliver leave the country. The film resists inclusion in a genre: there are elements of slapstick, surrealism and satire; it is a utopian political film and a fairy-tale at the same time. However the references to political reality in can hardly be misunderstood and explain why it was not screened for years in Czechoslovakia.

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Tsjechoslowakije 1969
DirectorPavel Jurácek
ProducerAB Barrandov
ScenarioPavel Jurácek
CastLubomír Kostelka
 Pavel Landovsky
 Klára Jerneková
 Milena Zahrynowská
 Ludek Kopriva
PhotographyJan Kalis
Production designMilan Nejedly
MusicLubos Fiser
Film format35mm
2003 Cinema Regained
1995 films from oz
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