45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016


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Games can be dangerous. Director Matsumoto (Dainipponjin/Symbol) has certainly proven he can go further with Japanese absurdism, but can he stay unflappable when the game gets out of control? Find out that SM involves more than latex and whips. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

One thing is definitely true about the films of Japanese comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi: expect the unexpected. Like the exceptional flights of fancy in Symbol (2009) and Dainipponjin (2007), R100 is an alienating, madcap, fantasy-laden cinema experience.
Upstanding, somewhat melancholy furniture salesman Takafumi needs some excitement and joins Club Bondage, an upmarket SM club. He signs up for a year of kinky appointments with strict dominatrixes in unexpected locations. However, after a number of painful but exciting 'dates', the mistresses start intruding in his private life. And, although the ladies look astounding, this is a step too far. Unfortunately for Takafumi, early contract termination is not an option.
Matsumoto masterfully mixes his bizarre humour with action, eroticism, melodrama, bondage and spit. A combination which so totally confused the ratings committee that the film was only approved for people over 100, which explains the title: R100.

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Japan 2013
DirectorMatsumoto Hitoshi
ProducerOkamoto Akihiko
 Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.
ScenarioMatsumoto Hitoshi
CastOmori Nao
 Daichi Mao
 Terajima Shinobu
 Katagiri Hairi
 Tominaga Ai
 Watanabe Naomi
PhotographyTanaka Kazushige
EditorHonda Yoshitaka
Production designAikou Etsuko
Sound designOkamoto Tatsuhiro
MusicSakamoto Hidekazu
Film formatDCP
2014 Spectrum European premiere
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