45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016


The small world of a theatre company becomes almost claustrophobic when the director feels the need to make a few revelations and starts manipulating his colleagues. Exciting, fresh and entertaining, because anyone can identify with it.

Herman, a charismatic theatre director, is producing a new performance. The play is a great discovery, as it is thought to have been written by an unknown medieval author from Iceland. Herman invites close friends to participate in it, including his actress girlfriend Zana and two friends, the actor Gregor and set designer Milos. The stage is set, and now the work can begin. One would expect that the collective work of old friends would make for a pleasant time, but as the premiere approaches, things get complicated, and many secrets and manipulations are revealed. Herman gets nasty, trying to expose and make fun of the relationships among the actors. The spectacular open-air performance is supposed to launch a prestigious theatre festival. The more Herman's mystifications become clear to his wife and colleagues, the more the tension mounts among them. In his second film, director Janez Burger shows us his excellent talent for working with actors and his power for building up dramatic tension. The actors portray their characters very convincingly. They mirror and mingle the little dramas of their closely-knit environment and their private lives, leaving the audience with a voyeuristic feeling. A fresh, dynamic and entertaining film that does not lose its pace. (LC)

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Slovenia 2004
DirectorJanez Burger
ProducerEmotion Film
 Danijel Hocevar
ScenarioAna Lasic, Janez Burger
CastDarko Rundek
 Natasa Matjasec
 Matjaz Tribuson
 Milan Stefe
 Vesna Jevnikar
 Visna Ficor
 Rafael Voncina
 Natasa Burger
 Gregor Cusin
PhotographySimon Tansek
EditorMilos Kalusek
Production designUrsa Loboda
Sound designDamijan Kunej, Bostjan Kacicnik
MusicDrago Ivanusa
Film format35mm
2005 Time & Tide International premiere
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