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Starred UpHS-2014 

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Harsh prison drama about the difficult relationship between a father and son both locked up in the same British prison. Both prisoners and guards try to survive this merciless environment. Violent, heartbreaking and captivating.

'Starred Up' is the controversial British measure of transferring extreme delinquents to adult prisons before they turn 21. 19-year-old Eric (Jack O'Connell) is one such youth. He ends up in the same prison as his father Neville. A volunteer therapist invites Eric to attend a self-help group and he gradually regains hope for the future.
Starred Up focuses on a father and son's dysfunctional relationship and their eventual reconciliation. With an emotionally compelling script, top-draw performances from the actors and sure-footed direction, Mackenzie gives a whole new dimension to the prison drama. This has already resulted in worldwide success.

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United Kingdom 2013
DirectorDavid Mackenzie
ProducerGillian Berrie
 Brian Coffey
 Sigma Films
ScenarioJonathan Asser
CastRupert Friend
 Jack O'Connell
 Ben Mendelsohn
 Sam Spruell
 David Ajala
 Sian Breckin
 Peter Ferdinando
PhotographyMichael McDonough
EditorJake Roberts, Nick Emerson
Production designTom McCullagh
Sound designJoakim Sundström
Film formatDCP
2014 Signals: How to Survive...
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