45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Vergiss mein nichtBF-2013 
Forget Me Not

Gretel, the director’s mother, is stricken with Alzheimer's. We follow her decline day by day while delving into her past as a mother, a spouse and an ex-feminist activist. Remarkably unsentimental, the documentary is as intimate as it is universal.

Four years ago he could already see the first signs, reflects David Sieveking in his very personal documentary portrait of his mother, Gretel (73). The many notes as reminders, the Christmas gift she forgot. Now he has come back to record how Gretel and his father, Malte, a retired mathematician, face up to her advancing Alzheimer’s.
In the 1960s, Gretel and Malte were active in the student movement and had an open relationship. Their bond only just survived, and is now put to the test again by other factors. David experiences how difficult it is to care for his mother, but the question of whether a nursing home would be better is painful and hard to answer.
They visit old haunts and Malte wonders whether he should have been there more for her. There are sides to Gretel that he only now discovers. Forget Me Not was named best film at the Critics’ Week in Locarno.

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DirectorDavid Sieveking
ProducerMartin Heisler
 Carl-Ludwig Rettinger
 Lichtblick Media GmbH
 Lichtblick Film- und Fernsehprod
ScenarioDavid Sieveking
PhotographyAdrian Stähli
EditorCatrin Vogt
Sound designBjörn Wiese
MusicJessica de Rooij
Film formatDCP
2013 Bright Future
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