45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Signals: Sound Stages

<strong>Let Fury Have the Hour</strong>
<strong>Death Metal Angola</strong>
<strong>Berberian Sound Studio</strong>
<strong>Sample: Not For Sale</strong>
<strong>Tony Cokes </strong> Signals: Sound Stages
With the themed programme Sound Stages, IFFR is devoting special attention to film as a specific event, and in particular to the unique auditory cinematic experience. Music and sound are generally unmissable elements that help really draw us into the film. In fact, sound often has a more profound effect on the imagination than images.

In the words of American film specialist Rick Altman: 'Every film screening is an event'. The visual nature and acoustics of the cinema, the quality of the audio equipment, the smell of the person sitting next to you, or the fumbling going on behind you: every setting is unique and every screening of a film will somehow be different. Every experience is a one-off and makes for a particular memory.

The Sound Stages programme takes this idea and runs with it, leaving the cinema to project moving images for one time only at locations with highly specific auditory properties – for example, in a deserted pop venue, a jazz café or a special church.

Live music
Sound Stages offers a range of auditory cinematic experiences, with both nods to history and state-of-the-art expertise, while remaining resolutely contemporary: everything will be live and on location. Sound Stages rediscovers several sound technologies that have evolved alongside cinema but also searches for the collective and unique experience that connects the cinematic experience with live performed music, especially during the festival period.

This year, IFFR is focusing special attention on cinema as an ‘event’; as a one-off in which the acoustic experience amplifies its unique character. An introduction by programmer Edwin...

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