45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

IFFR 2014: A Recap

<strong>An impression of 2014</strong>

The films screened at IFFR 2014 were (of course) gorgeous, but there's much more to see!

The programme of the 43rd edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam, divided in sections.

Browse through all news articles about IFFR 2014.

Here, IFFR teased film titles and other news about the programme of IFFR 2014.

A look back at IFFR 2013!

This IFFR magazine presents the entire festival programme.

The most complete guide to IFFR 2014 can be found online here.

Missed the daily paper of the festival? You can download or leaf through a digital version of each Daily Tiger here every festival day.

The list of highest rated films of IFFR 2014 can be found here.

Tiger audience award

 1. Nebraska 4.678
 2. Zombie: The Resurrection of Tim
 3. Starred Up 4.628
 4. Feel My Love 4.551
 5. Sorrow and Joy 4.500
 6. The Selfish Giant 4.492
 7. Papusza 4.477
 8. The Creator of the Jungle 4.465
 9. The Other Side of the Heart Is
 10. Her 4.423
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