45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

News 2012-2013

Festival director Rutger Wolfson about Alexei Balabanov

In the hustle of Cannes, we received the sad news of the passing of Alexei Balabanov. Balabanov was one of Russia's most daring, original and headstrong directors. His films are raw, shocking even – and sometimes epic and everyday simultaneously. A true 'Rotterdam director' so to say, and the festival has followed him for many years. 22 May 2013

Curaçao IFFR: No quiero dormir sola takes Yellow Robin Award

During the closing night of Curaçao IFFR, on Sunday 7 April, the Yellow Robin Award was given to No quiero dormir sola by Mexican filmmaker Natalia Beristáin. The award comes with a cash prize of $10,000 and a selection for the upcoming IFFR. 09 April 2013

Valérie Massadian about Nana, out now in VOD and on DVD

The unusual Nana, first shown to audiences of the film festivals of Locarno, Vienna and Rotterdam in 2012, is the debut film of photographer Valérie Massadian. Today, IFFR releases Nana on DVD and in Video On Demand. 05 April 2013

Curacao IFFR opens with Blancanieves

The second edition of Curaçao IFFR opens today with Pablo Berger’s Blancanieves. 04 April 2013

IFFR 2013 in pictures

For a proper (online) afterparty, please go see IFFR's Pinterest, where you'll find a selection of photos – mostly made by festival fans and visitors – that without a doubt will brighten your day. 12 February 2013

Welcome to IFFR, welcome to Rotterdam

The 42nd edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam concludes with the Volkskrant Day [the Volkskrant is a national, daily newspaper] after 12 intense days of cinema. In what has become a tradition, a special selection of five festival highlights will provide the spectacular final chorus for the 'celebratory mass of alternative cinema' as IFFR is often affectionately referred to. 02 February 2013

Matterhorn and Wadjda win audience awards

The audience of IFFR 2013 has spoken: Diederik Ebbinge's debut film Matterhorn takes home the UPC Audience Award for the highest rating, while runner-up Wadjda by Haifaa Al Mansour wins the Dioraphte Award for best Hubert Bals Fund-supported film. 02 February 2013

Grand master of horror Nakata Hideo

As a grand master of Japanese horror, Nakata Hideo also caused plenty of sleepless nights among Europeans. The father of J-Horror is back on familiar territory with The Complex. Nakata on mysterious apparitions, intangible ghosts and the fear of Hitchcock. 02 February 2013

Hivos Tiger Awards for upcoming talents

IFFR congratulates filmmakers Mira Fornay, Daniel Hoesl and Mohammad Shirvani with their Hivos Tiger Awards! The directors win - besides international recognition - a prize of €15.000. Absent jury member Ai Weiwei sent a video message. 01 February 2013

Giovanni Columbu about Su Re: 'Imagination in control'

Giovanni Columbu filmed the passion of Christ on Sardinia. This makes him part of a long tradition, from D.W. Griffith to Mel Gibson. The Sardinian director however prefers to compare himself to painters such as Giotto en Rafael. In contrast to most filmmakers, they made the figure of Christ timeless. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 01 February 2013

Eliza Hittman about It Felt Like Love: 'IFFR is bigger than expected'

In her debut film, Eliza Hittman shows how far teenage girls can take their love. An intimate, steamy and, at times, harrowing puberty drama including (which is pretty groundbreaking for an American film) a close-up of the male member. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 01 February 2013

Eduardo Villanueva about Penumbra: 'A sacrifice for art'

In Penumbra, the zone between day and night, the daily activities of the main characters seem to be carefully executed rituals. Eduardo Villanueva was inspired by the untouched landscape in the west of Mexico where he lives. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 31 January 2013

Pelin Esmer about Watchtower: 'This is pure cinema'

A woman expecting her uncle's child is in a predicament. Particularly in Turkey. Pelin Esmer's impressive Watchtower shows how – after giving birth – she is helped by a traumatised man. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 31 January 2013

Mohammad Shirvani about Fat Shaker: 'Allegedly, my film is perverse'

A fat man moves around a small apartment, his back covered with the glass cups used in cupping therapy. A turkey gobbles and a deaf-mute boy washes up. Just a random scene from filmmaker and artist Mohammad Shirvani's feature film which balances between dream and reality. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 30 January 2013

Mira Fornay about My Dog Killer: 'I want to challenge the audience'

An 18-year old skinhead from a village on the Slovak-Moravian border is deeply ashamed when his half-brother, who has Gypsy blood, suddenly turns up. He and his friends hate Gypsies. Mira Fornay's feature film deals with ethnic conflict, humanity and the importance of making choices. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 30 January 2013

Visra Vichit Vadakan about Karaoke Girl: 'Thai film is booming'

Thai director Visra Vichit Vadakan developed close ties with the main character in her film, singing escort girl Sa. Karaoke Girl is a surprising, moving mix of documentary and fiction. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 29 January 2013

Marcelo Lordello about They'll Come Back: 'Passionate labour for no pay'

In a subdued manner, Marcelo Lordello (1981) takes both his young leads and the audience on a tour of the unfamiliar sides of Brazilian society. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 29 January 2013

24 hours on YouTube: The View from Our House

While filmlovers engulf the darkest parts of the Rotterdam cinemas to get engrossed by rectangular-shaped dancing lights, there's a whole online festival happening. From Friday 25 January to Tuesday 29 January, a daily new festival film can be watched for free on YouTube for 24 hours. 29 January 2013

Curaçao IFFR launches Yellow Robin Award

The Caribbean version of IFFR introduces in its second edition a new competition for emerging film talent from the Caribbean and neighbouring Latin American countries: the Yellow Robin Award. 28 January 2013

Short films awarded

The first winners of IFFR 2013 are here: Beatrice Gibson's The Tiger's Mind, Zachary Formwalt's Unsupported Transit and Erik van Lieshout's Janus are the winners of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films. 28 January 2013

Leonardo Brzezicki about Noche: 'From short to long'

Argentine Leonardo Brzezicki is fascinated by matters of life and death. In his debut film, a group of young people commemorate a friend who committed suicide. In this psychological drama the barrier between present, past and future becomes increasingly diffuse. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 28 January 2013

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit about 36: 'The director in me is headstrong'

For his feature film debut, the young Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit imposed a very rigid structure on himself; the film consists of exactly 36 static shots, the same number as the exposures available on a traditional roll of film. Nevertheless, the result is a very playful love story. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 28 January 2013

24 hours on YouTube: Avanti Popolo

While filmlovers engulf the darkest parts of the Rotterdam cinemas to get engrossed by rectangular-shaped dancing lights, there's a whole online festival happening. From Friday 25 January to Tuesday 29 January, a daily new festival film can be watched for free on YouTube for 24 hours. 28 January 2013

Ricky Rijneke about Silent Ones: 'Nationality is irrelevant'

With her feature film debut Silent Ones, Rotterdam director Ricky Rijneke explores the boundary between life and death. This proved to be a tough theme. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 27 January 2013

Yang Lina on Longing for the Rain: 'Sex, spirits and religion'

Chinese director Yang Lina made an innovative film on women which will never be seen in her home country's cinemas because it's far too controversial. In it, Yang reveals the sex life of a rich, middle class woman which - due to the arrival of a mysterious, ghost-like lover - is driven to dangerous new heights. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 27 January 2013

Top 10 UPC Audience Award

The daily top 10 of the UPC Audience Award of Sunday 27 January. 27 January 2013

24 hours on YouTube: Inori

While filmlovers engulf the darkest parts of the Rotterdam cinemas to get engrossed by rectangular-shaped dancing lights, there's a whole online festival happening. From Friday 25 January to Tuesday 29 January, a daily new festival film can be watched for free on YouTube for 24 hours. 27 January 2013

Sebastián Hofmann on Halley: 'A gift to the audience'

You have to be pretty talented to be able to elicit compassion with a film about a dying zombie. Mexican Sebastián Hofmann (1980) succeeds magnificently with Halley, which has been nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 26 January 2013

Matt Hulse on Dummy Jim: '12 years with a cycling Scotsman'

It took British director/artist Matt Hulse more than twelve years to adapt James Duthie's travel journal. The result is a charming collage of archival material, HD, 8mm en 16mm film, animation and a village musical theatre performance. Nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 26 January 2013

24 hours on YouTube: Ninah's Dowry

While filmlovers engulf the darkest parts of the Rotterdam cinemas to get engrossed by rectangular-shaped dancing lights, there's a whole online festival happening. From Friday 25 January to Tuesday 29 January, a daily new festival film can be watched for free on YouTube for 24 hours. 26 January 2013

Daniel Hoesl about Soldate Jeannette

Austrian Daniel Hoesl's feature film debut is a stylish, Brechtian story about two women who don't adhere to convention (anymore).The film is nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 25 January 2013

Yuri Ancarani about Da Vinci

Robots that operate on humans have not been Science Fiction for some time now: they are real enough to be the subject of a documentary. Though surgical robot Da Vinci is controlled by a human surgeon. Yuri Ancarani filmed a delicate procedure with clinical precision and a human sense of contrast. The film is nominated for Canon Tiger Award for Short Films . 25 January 2013

24 hours on YouTube: The Unspeakable Act

While filmlovers engulf the darkest parts of the Rotterdam cinemas to get engrossed by rectangular-shaped dancing lights, there's a whole online festival happening: from Friday 25 January to Tuesday 29 January, a daily new festival film can be watched for free on YouTube for 24 hours. 25 January 2013

Guido van Driel about The Resurrection of a Bastard

Who better to film the graphic novel Om mekaar in Dokkum than the artist himself? That's right. Guido van Driel's hard-to-typify gangster drama was the opening film at the 42nd edition of IFFR. The Resurrection of a Bastard is nominated for a Hivos Tiger Award. 24 January 2013

Guido van der Werve about Nummer veertien, home

Chopin's body was buried in Paris, except for his heart which was buried in Warsaw. Artist Guido van der Werve – nominated for a Canon Tiger Award for Short Films – shows in his playful short Nummer veertien, home how he travelled the well over 1,700 km between the two cities by swimming, cycling and running. 24 January 2013

Opening night IFFR 2013 in pictures

The first night of the 42nd edition of International Film Festival Rotterdam in pictures. 23 January 2013

A Programmer's Picture Diary

To find films and research for IFFR, festival programmer Gertjan Zuilhof travels extensively through Asia and Africa, where he meets old friends and makes new ones. He's collected enough to show and enough to talk about. 21 January 2013

Stoker closes festival 2013

The international premiere of Stoker will close IFFR 2013 on Saturday 2 February. Tickets for the English debut of South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-Wook are already available online. 15 January 2013

Promising filmmakers at IFFR

The complete selection of Bright Future, the section at the festival where fresh filmmakers are given the chance to shine with their first or second feature films. 10 January 2013

Nominations for The Big Screen Award Competition announced

IFFR has nominated ten films for the first edition of The Big Screen Award Competition. Films from the Spectrum and Bright Future sections are in the running for both The Big Screen Award and the KNF Award. 09 January 2013

Nominees and jury for Tiger Awards 2013 announced

Here they are: the sixteen nominees and the jury of the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition. The three winners of the Hivos Tiger Awards will be chosen by a jury of five, among them celebrated artist Ai Weiwei. 08 January 2013

New on YouTube: shorts programme Poetry of Nature

Poetry of Nature is the new shorts programme on IFFR's YouTube Channel. In forest and mountain surroundings filmmakers subtly contrast natural environments with inevitable interference of human culture. The programme will be available until the end of February 2013. 08 January 2013

No: how to sell the revolution?

The ingredients for a spicy political drama: a dictator who wants to retain his position, a hint of Mad Men and a lot of Chile. Pablo Larraín's No is an exciting reconstruction of the downfall of the Pinochet regime in which a young advertising hotshot battles it out with political leaders on both the right and left. 08 January 2013

Shorts at IFFR: nominations and programmes

IFFR 2013 will not be just about feature-length films: shorts will feature prominently at IFFR too. For example, 23 shorts will compete for the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films, and Spectrum Shorts comprises 186 short and medium-length films. 07 January 2013

All premieres of Spectrum 2013 announced

The Spectrum programme will consist of 77 feature-length films and documentaries, of which 36 will have their world, international or European premieres at IFFR 2013. 07 January 2013

Sixth Signals programme: Regained, down movie memory lane

Regained, the sixth and annually returning Signals programme at IFFR, is dedicated to the memory of film from a particular and contemporary viewpoint. Regained 2013 welcomes Michael Snow and Tony Conrad, seminal figures of the avant-garde cinema, for special screenings and performances. 04 January 2013

Interview: Ben Wheatley on Sightseers

IFFR will be sending a Festival Preview out and about: Sightseers by Ben Wheatley. We talked to the busy bee for a taste of what's to come. 02 January 2013

The Master: magnificent cinema

PT Andersons film kicks off IFFR 2013 and is one of the most overwhelming visual experiences the festival has in store for you. 31 December 2012

Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses: enabling the discussion of female pleasure

Women talking about sexual pleasure and orgasms proves to be taboo throughout most of Indonesia, so demonstrates filmmaker Yosep Anggi Noen in the romantic drama Peculiar Vacation and Other Illnesses, which will be screened at IFFR 2013. 24 December 2012

The impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Dominga Sotomayor

Chilean director Dominga Sotomayor comes from a broken home and used a Hubert Bals Fund grant of €10.000 to relive her own past for the story that would become the award-winning film De jueves a domingo. 21 December 2012

New Signals: Changing Channels and a tribute to Kira Muratova

Two more programs are added to Signals, IFFR's section of thematic and topical programs. The festival honours Soviet and Ukrainian director Kira Muratova with a full retrospective of her features and shorts, and Changing Channels shows episodic storytelling featuring television work and web-based series directed by filmmakers. 19 December 2012

Sergey Loban about Chapiteau-show

Chapiteau-show is out now as a 10 to Watch release on DVD and in VOD. For this occasion, we caught up with Loban about his light-hearted epic, laughter and the state of the independent cinema in Russia. 18 December 2012

New prizes at IFFR

International Film Festival Rotterdam introduces new competitions, including The Big Screen Award, aimed to support the distribution of films in Dutch cinemas. The Big Screen Award will include ten very recent films with no Benelux distributor confirmed, and will be awarded by an audience jury. 18 December 2012

First selections for Bright Future and Spectrum

Here they are: the first selections for IFFR's main sections Bright Future and Spectrum. Among the many world and international premieres are new works by famous directors Bernardo Bertolucci, Ulrich Seidl, Olivier Assayas, Nakata Hideo and Kim Ki-Duk and by numerous young talents. 17 December 2012

Official opening film IFFR 2013: The Resurrection of a Bastard

The world premiere of De wederopstanding van een klootzak (The Resurrection of a Bastard) by Guido van Driel will open the 42nd International Film Festival Rotterdam on Wednesday 23 January. The film stars Yorick van Wageningen (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Juda Goslinga and Goua Robert Grovogui. Recently deceased Dutch actor Jeroen Willems plays in one of the smaller roles. 13 December 2012

Paradies: Glaube. And lead us not into temptation

The flesh is weak and sexual frustration is rampant in Paradies: Glaube. The second instalment of Austrian Ulrich Seidl's belief, hope, love trilogy is a vicious study of the hell a devout soul creates for herself and those around her with her boundless drive to convert people. See it at IFFR 2013. 12 December 2012

In cooperation with... you!

International Film Festival Rotterdam has its own friends' club for cinephiles and all other lovers of art and culture. Why not also become a Tiger Friend and enjoy priority ticket sales and all manner of other benefits now? With your support, IFFR will be even more beautiful, exciting and talked about. 10 December 2012

New on YouTube: Shorts programme Just the Two of Us

In the new shorts programme Just the Two of Us, teenagers discover their identities through love. In a secluded house in the French Alps mutual tension increases when the babysitter arrives; in a Brazilian city, the outside world disturbs a young couple's meandering through the park. 07 December 2012

The impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Aditya Assarat

To go Thai, or not to go Thai. When it comes to funding for his kind of movies, Thai director Aditya Assarat knows very well what not to do: go Thai. 'If you're not making a horror film or a comedy in Thailand, it's almost impossible to fund your film with Thai money.' 05 December 2012

Beds for early bookers

Many festival visitors watch more than just a few films. IFFR makes you want more. This often involves a day or weekend away at the festival. The following four luxury packages create fabulous mini breaks with star-rated hotels (and films). 02 December 2012

The new PT Anderson, The Master, kicks off IFFR 2013

International Film Festival Rotterdam and A-Film Distribution present, in collaboration with EYE Film Institute, an exclusive 70mm preview of The Master. The film's Dutch premiere will be on Wednesday 23 January during the public opening of the festival. 02 December 2012

IFFR 2013: the festival posters

With the festival around the corner, IFFR launches a campaign of seven festival posters with script dialogues. Find them on the street, in bars or right here on this page. 02 December 2012

IFFR Instagram Contest: take a photo and win Tiger Discount

It's time to go wild: visualize one of the seven festival posters in an Instagram snapshot and compete for two Tiger Discount cards. 30 November 2012

Now to buy

The full IFFR 2013 programme will go online on Thursday 17 January 2013. Online ticket sales start the following day, Friday 18 January at 20:00. However, you don't have to wait until then for the products and festival activities listed below. You can purchase these now. 29 November 2012

First nominees selected for Hivos Tiger Awards Competition 2013

Great news! The first seven films are selected for the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition 2013. Among these seven nominees, four have been supported by IFFR's Hubert Bals Fund. 29 November 2012

New on YouTube: Verano

With Verano (Summertime), IFFR adds a spherical film to its YouTube-channel. The film was supported by the Hubert Bals Fonds and directed by Chilean filmmaker José Luis Torres Leiva. 29 November 2012

The impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Helvécio Marins Jr.

Brazilian film funds passed up his project, but he nevertheless managed to finish Girimunho thanks to IFFR's Hubert Bals Fund. Learn why it was crucial for Helvécio Marins Jr. to hang around in the tropical deserts of Brazil. 20 November 2012

Every form of art in Iran is a form of protest

In spite of the limitations the government imposes on the Iranian art world as a whole, the underground art scene in Tehran is flourishing like never before. During IFFR 2013, programme Signals: Inside Iran will be dedicated to aspects of the Iranian film world including underground culture. 16 November 2012

Festival Preview: laugh, roar, bleed with Sightseers

Good news for everyone who can't wait for the film festival to start: IFFR will be sending a Festival Preview out and about. The enticing film that will tour The Netherlands in January is talented British director Ben Wheatley's murder comedy Sightseers. 15 November 2012

Inside IFFR: Marit van den Elshout about CineMart

CineMart will once again turn festival centre 'de Doelen' into the hotspot for film professionals during IFFR 2013. In this episode of Inside IFFR, manager Marit van den Elshout tells us about CineMart, the place where filmmakers meet possible financiers for their projects. 12 November 2012

First themed programmes for 42nd festival announced

The first festival bits are here! Get excited for not just one but three Signals: themed programmes about German maestro Dominik Graf, current (underground) Iranian filmmaking and film as an auditory experience. 12 November 2012

New on YouTube: shorts programme Camera Obscura Expanded

Known since the Ancient Greeks as a device that projects an image of its surroundings on a screen, the Camera Obscura has gathered many fascinating additions in the cinematic art. 08 November 2012

The impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Marie Ka

In a series of interviews, a few of directors look back on the ripple effects that the Hubert Bals Fund has had on their careers. In the second one, we present you: the impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Marie Ka. 'I don't really believe anything is impossible.' 07 November 2012

Watch 38 témoins online

A brutal murder in Le Havre. 38 people must have noticed, but say they heard or saw nothing. Against the suitable backdrop of port city Rotterdam, 38 témoins opened International Film Festival Rotterdam in January 2012, in the presence of director Lucas Belvaux himself. Missed it? You can now watch the film via Video On Demand. 31 October 2012

IFFR and IDFA favourites touring Arab festivals

The film funds of International Film Festival Rotterdam and International Documentary Festival Amsterdam are expanding their joint film programme Cinema Mondial Tour to Northern Africa and the Middle East this autumn. 30 October 2012

New on YouTube: Rat Fever

IFFR's YouTube channel has a new addition: Rat Fever, a feverish feature film directed by Brazilian filmmaker Cláudio Assis. The film was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund and shown at the festival of 2012. Rat Fever now has its premiere on YouTube. 25 October 2012

The impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Nikola Ljuca

The Hubert Bals Fund has changed quite a number of filmmakers' lives around the world. In a new series of interviews, a few of these directors look back on the ripple effects that the HBF has had on their careers. In the first one, we present you: the impact of the Hubert Bals Fund on Nikola Ljuca. 'I can finally tell the story of my generation.' 24 October 2012

Hivos new main sponsor of International Film Festival Rotterdam

The festival has a new main sponsor: Hivos, the Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation that was already a partner of IFFR. Hivos will continue its support to the Hubert Bals Fund and will again give its name to the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition. 23 October 2012

Inside IFFR: Martje van Nes about Sponsoring and Fundraising

The festival’s Sponsoring and Fundraising arm is crucial to be able to guarantee a bountiful festival programme, to enable the Hubert Bals Fund to continue to support filmmakers in developing countries and simply to ensure the continued existence of the organisation as a whole. A peek behind the scenes. 19 October 2012

Film in the Kunsthal

The Kunsthal Rotterdam is going all out for its 20th anniversary, and IFFR is joining in on its celebrations. Friday November 2nd, the Kunsthal will turn its auditorium into a cinema in which IFFR will present an exciting preview of its 2013 edition. 19 October 2012

Out now: second box set 10 to Watch series

If you're looking for great-value Tiger Releases box sets, you're in luck: our second collection of five Tiger Releases from the first 10 to Watch series is now out in our webshop. These five festival films premièred at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011. We've brought them together in a spiffy box set, 10 to Watch - Box 2. 18 October 2012

Orri Jónsson and Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir about Grandma Lo-fi

For Icelandic Sigríður Níelsdóttir, the twilight years turned brighter after recording her ambient music and becoming an instant hit. The light-hearted documentary Grandma Lo-fi is out now as a Ten to Watch release on DVD and in VOD. 17 October 2012

New on YouTube: shorts programme Who Are You, Stranger?

Whether we make small talk with friends or chat with complete strangers, sometimes one could ask oneself: who are we really talking to? Watch others deal with (anonymous) interaction in a new monthly selection of short films on our YouTube channel, in which we wonder: Who Are You, Stranger? 08 October 2012

Inside IFFR: Juliette Jansen on Distribution

So we can all watch wonderful films throughout the year, International Film Festival Rotterdam releases films on DVD, in Video On Demand and in cinemas. In this episode of Inside IFFR, a look behind the scenes of the distribution department. 17 September 2012

Watch online: Oslo, August 31st

Oslo, August 31st, the integer and poetic film by Joachim Trier (Reprise), based on the novel Le feu follet by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, was a hit earlier this year at the festival and after in cinemas throughout the country. The film can now be watched online in our VOD channel. 13 September 2012

New on YouTube: Shorts Programme Family Business

In need of a temporary escape from any annoying family members? Look no further, go to our YouTube channel and find yet another monthly selection of three excellent short films: Family Business. Enjoy these household perils till the end of October 2012. 06 September 2012

Interview with Dominga Sotomayor about DE JUEVES A DOMINGO

Since its world premiere in Rotterdam this year, where it won a Tiger Award, De jueves a domingo by Dominga Sotomayor has been crossing the entire globe. Just recently, it won the Grand Prix at the New Horizons International Film Festival in Poland. And now we release the film on DVD and VOD. For this occasion, we caught up with the director. 04 September 2012

IFFR’s Movie Orgy returns with What Is Love

We've been looking forward to it ourselves for weeks now: starting September 6th, our own festival programmers will screen their own monthly selection of visual inspirations at WORM in Rotterdam. Chinlin Hsieh will kick off this new Movie Orgy series with What Is Love (2012) by festival friend Ruth Mader. Win 3 x 2 comps for the screening this Thursday. 04 September 2012

From Rotterdam to Moscow

From August 30th until September 16th cultural center Garage in the Gorky Park in Moscow will present Deconstructing Cinematic Realities. The program – organized together with the International Film Festival Rotterdam – addresses cinema's transgression of the traditional boundary that separates fiction from reality. With for example James Franco in a mini thriller and Vincent Gallo as a dance dj. 30 August 2012

Khavn de la Cruz about Mondomanila

One of the most remarkable films of last year's festival must be Mondomanila, a hyper-realistic documentary, grubby film noir, slapstick, musical and, well, 'everything else'. We released the film on dvd and in VOD and spoke to Philippine director Khavn de la Cruz about his 'constant reincarnation'. 28 August 2012

Kleber Mendonça Filho on Neighbouring Sounds

Eight months, a couple of awards and ten festivals later the Brazilian Neighbouring Sounds gets a Dutch release after its world premiere in Rotterdam. We catch up with director Kleber Mendonça Filho. 10 August 2012

New on YouTube: shorts program Between Fantasy and Reality

This shorts compilation consists of two rather long short films where boundaries between imagination, perception and reality are poetically explored and crossed. During their journey on pathways through nature the protagonists all encounter interesting events. 07 August 2012

Inside IFFR: Iwana Chronis about the Hubert Bals Fund

While everyone migrates to Spanish and Italian coasts, at the IFFR office we are busy imagining, contriving and developing. In a series of interviews with employees, we give you a look behind the scenes. This time Iwana Chronis talks about how the Hubert Bals Fund supports filmmakers. 'Moral support sometimes means more than a couple of thousand euros.' 06 August 2012

'Senegal is no Hollywood'

At the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa, 10.461 miles from Rotterdam, a new project is launched: African Metropolis. Seven directors will make seven short films about seven cities. We spoke to the executive producer and one of the filmmakers. 19 July 2012

A Dutch release for Neighbouring Sounds

After a world premiere at the IFFR 2012 as one of the films in the Tiger Awards Competition, Neighbouring Sounds by Brazilian director Kleber Mendonça Filho will be released in The Netherlands. 13 July 2012

Filmmakers selected for Boost!

After a succesful first edition of coaching trajectory Boost! in 2011, the joint initiative of the Hubert Bals Fund, CineMart and Binger Filmlab will support for a second time five filmmakers with the development of their films. Here are the first three names. 13 July 2012

Inside IFFR: Rutger Wolfson on Programming

In a series of interviews with employees, we give you a look behind the scenes. The kick-off is for festival director Rutger Wolfson, who tells us what the programmers do in summer. 11 July 2012

New on YouTube: shorts program To Couple & Engage

Once a month we put on YouTube a new collection of three short films. In the second shorts program of this year, To Couple & Engage, human relationships are highlighted. 10 July 2012

Watch A Dangerous Method online

For Keira Knightley in corset there is always a right moment. Therefore now in our VOD-channel: A Dangerous Method by David Cronenberg. 05 July 2012

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