45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Short films awarded

<strong>The Tiger's Mind</strong>
<strong>Though I Know the River is Dry</strong>
<strong>Unsupported Transit</strong>

The first winners of IFFR 2013 are here: Beatrice Gibson's The Tiger's Mind, Zachary Formwalt's Unsupported Transit and Erik van Lieshout's Janus are the winners of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films.

Next to the three Canon Tiger Awards, a short film at International Film Festival Rotterdam is nominated for the European Film Awards 2013: Though I Know the River is Dry by the Egyptian Omar Robert Hamilton.

Canon Netherlands, sponsor of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films, offers the four winners each a Canon camera EOS-M with 22mm pancake lens.

The Tiger's Mind by Beatrice Gibson, UK, 2012
An investigation into the mechanics of film production that strongly draws on a modernist heritage by using codes from a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Incorporating a testimony of the process of its own making, it intelligently weaves together a visually compelling plot, in which spaces and objects also have a distinct voice. The roles of routinely overlooked collaborators are placed at the forefront as a cast cryptically involved in a murder mystery.

Artist Beatrice Gibson makes her (research-based) work site-specific and participatory by using different mediums. A Necessary Music (2008), made with composer Alex Waterman, won the Canon Tiger Award for Best Short Film at the IFFR in 2009. Gibson is currently a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths' Centre for Research Architecture.
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Unsupported Transit by Zachary Formwalt, Netherlands, 2011
An esthetically and intellectually bold statement. Long, time-lapsed shots invite the viewer to meditate on the historical roots of the film's thematic material and its mode of depiction, offering a near-physical experience of the weight of a monumental symbol. It's the essayistic, poetic marshalling of the histories of cinema and photography, in relation to Marx and Engels' analysis of the stock exchange that offers the foundation for a convincing work by a promising young artist.

Zachary Formwalt is an artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Among other places, his work has been shown at Kunsthalle Basel and Casco - Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht. The world economy is a recurrent theme in his photographs and videos. In 2012, Formwalt won the Illy Prize in Rotterdam.

Janus by Erik van Lieshout, Netherlands, 2012
In Janus we enter the psychosis of a commitment to the camera. The camera as a tool of provoking, agitating and effortlessly connecting with a cast of characters who reflect on art as an inclusive form of communication and social interaction. The author is by turns fearless, at other moments courageous in his honesty and naivety, and totally present in an informal, colloquial register. This work is a wake-up call to the fact that the world just outside our front door is one ready for discovery and engagement in ways that are transformative.

Erik van Lieshout makes installations, sculptures and films. Van Lieshout has won several important art awards. He finds inspiration in subcultures and the problems of urban life, and often performs as an actor in his own films. He lives and works in Rotterdam.

European Awards 2013
Chosen by the Jury of the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Film 2013, the International Film Festival Rotterdam short film nominee for the European Film Awards 2013 is: Though I Know the River is Dry by Omar Robert Hamilton

The film is remarkable in the way it connects contemporary political issues with emotional dillemas. Its cinematographic language builds on the qualities of the photographic composition, the direction of the actors and the subtle and intelligent use of archival material. The result embodies a poetic and restrained approach to questions which unfortunately are becoming more and more commonplace. In a particularly undogmatic manner, it offers multiple readings, while simultaneously sharply addressing historical, political and economical realities.

Independent filmmaker, producer and photographer Omar Robert Hamilton is based in Cairo. He is the founder of the Palestine Festival of Literature in Jerusalem and co-founder of the Mosireen Film collective, which arose from the Egyptian revolution. Though I Know the River is Dry is the first independent, crowd-sourced film in the post-revolutionary Arab world. Hamilton's photographs have been published by The Guardian, BBC News and The Economist.
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