45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about CineMart



What is CineMart?

CineMart was the first platform of its kind to offer filmmakers the opportunity to launch their ideas to the international film industry and to find the right connections to get their projects financed. Launching about 30 new projects in need of additional financing, CineMart also heralds an important start of the 'film year'.
Each year, CineMart invites a select number of directors/producers to present their film projects to co-producers, funds, sales agents, distributors, TV stations and other potential financiers.
Read more about the full profile of CineMart here.

What is Rotterdam Lab?
Rotterdam Lab is a five-day training workshop for young and emerging producers designed to build up their network and experience at an international festival and market. Participation provides producers with the confidence and skills to navigate the festival circuit and meet professionals who can help finance their projects. More information on the Rotterdam Lab can be found here.

How can I attend CineMart?
In case you are interested in presenting your project at CineMart, you can read more about the submission deadline and regulations here.
In case you are interested in attending to meet with the selected projects:
  • If you are a returning guest, you will receive an invitation by the end of November.
  • If you haven't attended CineMart before, more information about accreditations will be available from mid-October onwards.
How many projects are presented at CineMart?
CineMart 2015 presented 24 projects. Find them here.

What is Art:Film?
Art:Film is an initiative to further enhance, platform and nurture highly artistic cinema and visual arts. It reacts on the specific needs of radical art house cinema to expand in new fields of financing, production and distribution as well as on the growing number of films by directors coming from the field of visual arts, which are successfully shown on festivals and theatres worldwide.
CineMart combine forces in the Art:Film initiative, which connects visual art to cinema. You can read more information about Art:Film here.

When is CineMart?
The 33rd edition of CineMart will take place from 31 January to 3 February 2016.

Who are the partner organisations of CineMart?
Here you can find a complete overview of CineMart’s partner organisations.


What do I apply for?
The opportunity to launch a film project to the international film industry and to find the right connections to get your projects financed. CineMart is not a fund, and does not provide financing itself. Selected projects get the opportunity to present themselves via pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings and many facilitated informal networking events, to potential co-producers, sales agents and financiers. In addition, three awards are handed out annually to projects from the CineMart selection.

Who can apply?
In most cases, CineMart applications are submitted by the producer of the project. An application submitted by the director of the project will be accepted, as long as there is a producer attached.

CineMart is open for projects:
  • That are feature films with theatrical potential (minimum length of 60 minutes);
  • From all parts of the world;
  • For which a complete screenplay will be available during CineMart;
  • That are new or recent and have not yet made the round of all financiers and other festivals and markets;
  • For which there is a potential international market;
  • With artistic qualities by demonstrable talented film makers;
  • And that have a producer and director attached with the capability to get the project off the ground.
When can I apply?
It is possible to apply with a project from 1 August onwards. The application deadline is 1 September 2015. This deadline cannot be extended. Applications can only be processed if all necessary information has been submitted online via MyIFFR.

How do I apply?
Please read our rules and regulations first.

Please note that CineMart has employed a new selection process since CineMart 2014, taking place in two phases.

  • Phase 1
    After you have read and understood the CineMart rules and regulations, login to MyIFFR. The application form will be available from 1 August 2015 onwards up until 1 September 2015 on MyIFFR. This form will allow you to include detailed project information. For an overview of what information is requested, see here.
    It is not possible to edit the form after you have submitted it to CineMart, so please be thorough and careful when filling it out.
    Early October, the CineMart selection committee will reach a decision on all submitted forms. You will receive notification through e-mail if your project is pre-selected or not. It is not possible to appeal the committee’s pre-selection decisions.
  • Phase 2
    If your project has been pre-selected, you are given one week to submit your full dossier (PDF or Word) by email and include previous work (online streaming). It is not possible to extend this one week period. The selection committee will reach their final decision on all pre-selected projects by early December 2015. You can find more information on which information to deliver when having been pre-selected here.
When will I know if I'm pre-selected?
Early October, the CineMart selection committee will reach a decision on all submitted forms. You will receive notification through email if your project is pre-selected or not. It is not possible to appeal the committee's pre-selection decisions.

In which languages may I apply?
Application materials (and subtitles) should be in English.

What information is required in the application form?
The CineMart application form is divided into four sections, allowing you to submit detailed information about your project. The form is available on MyIFFR one week before the deadline.
Here you can find a summary of what you need to fill out:
  1. Project information: Title, production country/ies, type of film, production status, goals at CineMart, logline (max. 60 words), synopsis (max. 1.500 words), director's statement (max. 1.500 words), most successful recent festival selections or awards for director and producer
  2. Film credits: name and contact details for director, producer and if applicable:writer, co-producer, financier, sales agent
  3. Technical info: Running time, shooting format, colour/b&w, languages
  4. Financial info: Total budget (in euro), Financing already secured (amount as well as explanatory overview)
The Forms are only online one week before the deadline. Is there something I can do to prepare my application?
Yes there is. As long as the forms are not yet online, you can check the required information that will be asked for on the form here.

Why have you changed the application procedure?
CineMart annually receives around 450 applications, and is working with a small team to process all of those. At the same time as a producer you are likely to send out various applications annually. By having one form that covers the initial information that we need from you, we aim to facilitate the application process for everyone involved.

I am a producer/writer with a project, but no director is attached yet. Can I apply?
No. To CineMart, the vision and the talent of a director are essential when making choices. The same goes for the industry attending CineMart.

I am a director with a project, looking for a producer. Can I apply?
CineMart is there to facilitate looking for co-producers and financiers. If you have no producer yet, most likely it is too early for you to apply to CineMart.

What is a right stage for a project to be in to bring it to CineMart?
Presenting a project at CineMart, means launching it internationally and creating a very tangible awareness about your project. If you are not ready yet to provide the people you meet at CineMart with a script or when there is no financing in place yet, the industry attending CineMart will most likely not be in a position to come on board of your project yet.
At the same time when you are shooting already at the time of CineMart, or shooting is planned immediately after, be aware that you allow potential co-producers with very little opportunities to become a part of your project.

What are the criteria for selection?
  • the viability and quality of the plans and the demonstrable talent of the directors and/or producers.
  • The projects can be in different phases of development but they have to be new or recent and not explored all possible avenues of financing yet. The projects should be sufficiently developed to have a script ready at the time of CineMart
  • A project should not have been presented at any other market or festival before, except when linked to one of CineMart's partnering organisations.
  • Preferably selected projects have at least 25 % of the financing in place
Can I submit a documentary project?
The main focus of CineMart is the support of fiction features. Shorts, documentaries and films made for television will not be taken into consideration. In some cases, the CineMart selects so-called creative documentaries. These projects always have a strong cinematic approach and are films that play with fiction or have a more experimental approach. Please keep in mind that the professionals attending CineMart mainly focus on fiction features.

I think that my project is very suitable for Art:Film, how do I get in?
There is no special procedure to apply for the Art:Film scheme. Art:Film projects follow the same procedures as other film projects submitted to the CineMart. You can submit your project via the regular application procedure, starting with filling out the online application forms.

How do I submit my project to the Rotterdam Lab?
The Rotterdam Lab is organised by CineMart in close collaboration with various partner organisations involved in the training of young producers as well as funding bodies. In order to take part in the Rotterdam Lab, it is necessary that you affiliate yourself with one of these partnering organisations, because, instead of organizing an open selection procedure, potential participants in the Rotterdam Lab are nominated by these partners.

Can I apply with more than one project?
Please be aware that it is highly unlikely that more than one project by the same director or producer will be selected at once. We advise you to carefully think about the project that has the most priority for you.

Is it necessary to have financiers/partners in place?
It is strongly recommended to have at least approximately 25% of the budget in place.

I submitted my project before to CineMart, but it was not selected. Can I submit it again?
Due to the amount of applications that CineMart receives, it is not possible to submit the same dossier twice. Applications can only be submitted more than once when the project has made substantial progress and has been invited to re-apply.

How do I send my materials?
You start by filling out the CineMart application form on MyIFFR. If you are pre-selected, you will receive further instructions on how to upload your full application file to us. All materials can be sent to us digitally.

What do you mean with most successful recent festival selections or awards for director and producer?
The application form requires you to include information about previous accomplishments of the director and the producer. It is important for us to know more about your previous work. In these fields you can summarize three important awards, selections or premieres of your work. For instance: 3 different awards for 1 film, 3 festival selections for 3 different films, 1 scholarship and two grants for 1 project, you decide!


My project has been pre-selected. What information is required in the dossier I have to submit?
Early October, the CineMart Selection committee will reach a decision on all submitted application forms. A limited number of projects will get pre-selected. Those projects will receive a notification to submit their full dossier. If you have received our notification that your project has been pre-selected, you have one week to submit your full dossier. It is not possible to extend this one week period, therefore we recommend that you make sure you have the following materials available for immediate submission:

Synopsis (max. 3 pages)
Treatment (max. 12 pages)
Director's statement (max. 3 pages)
Producer’s biography and filmography
Director’s biography and filmography
Producer’s statement
Budget topsheet
Financial plan and secured financing
Written explanation on the finance strategy (max. 1 page)
Written audience engagement plan (max. 1 page)
Production schedule
Previous work of the director: online available on streaming platform (such as Vimeo)

Compile all items above in one pdf or Word document and reply within one week of the notification e-mail you received. Only complete dossiers will be taken into consideration.

My project has been pre-selected and you asked me to send a treatment. However I think my script represents my project much better. Can I send my script?
No. Due to the amount of applications we receive, our selection committee is not in a position to read scripts.

What is a treatment?
A treatment is generally longer and more detailed than a synopsis and it may include details of directorial style. A treatment reads like a story: it is the full story of the film in it's simplest form. The average number of pages is between 7 - 12 pages.

What type of budget plan should I submit?
An estimated top-sheet will suffice. In other words we are interested in knowing the general budget of the film.

What is a financial plan?
The financial plan should explain first of all which financiers you have on board and for which amount. Also indicate any pending fund applications. Finally we would like to read your goals at CineMart. How would you like to cover the remaining financing?

What is a production plan?
We don't need a full shooting schedule. We would like a simple timeline or calendar of the estimated period that you are developing the film, financing, when you ideally will go into production, in post production and what is your estimated date of finalizing the film. We are aware that these plannings are subject to change.

What is an audience engagement plan?
The environment in which independent films are distributed is constantly changing. That makes the distribution of your film difficult to predict. At the same time there is an even bigger need to think about appropriate and realistic distribution methods. We would like to read about your strategies for creating an awareness about your film. How do you intend to find and to attract your audience?

What sort of previous work should I include?
Previous work is an important element in considering the project dossier. This is previous work of the director. This can be a short film, a documentary and/or a feature film. Please provide the committee with the work you think is most relevant in assessing the project at hand.
Please do not send showreels.

Can I send you DVDs?
We highly prefer to receive your previous work (when pre-selected) online: as an online streaming video on a platform such as Vimeo or Youtube. If you are unable to send us a link to your film, please contact us.


My project has been selected for CineMart. What is expected of me now?
Once a project is selected we would like to receive updated information within three days in order to include this in the CineMart Projects Dossier. The dossier will be presented online one week after the selection is announced.
At least one representative of your project should be present during the four days of CineMart (Sunday 9:00 hrs - Wednesday 19:00 hrs). CineMart offers two hotelrooms for the duration of CineMart.

Which awards are handed out at CineMart?
Two awards are handed out at CineMart to projects that are presented at the market: the Eurimages Coproduction Award and the ARTE International Prize.

What does CineMart want in return?
Finished film projects sprung from the CineMart meetings should mention CineMart or display its logo in their credits. Preferably, the following sentence should be mentioned in the credit list: "[film title] has been presented at CineMart of International Film Festival Rotterdam". The CineMart logo will be sent upon request.