45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

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The effective co-production market: where good ideas count!

CineMart was the first platform of its kind to offer filmmakers the opportunity to launch their ideas to the international film industry and to find the right connections to get their projects financed. Launching about 25 new projects in need of additional financing, CineMart also heralds an important start of the 'film year'.

Each year, CineMart invites a select number of directors/producers to present their film projects to co-producers, funds, sales agents, distributors, TV stations and other potential financiers.

CineMart Trademarks
One of CineMart’s trademarks is the highly productive, yet informal atmosphere. In order to maintain such an environment, the number of projects is kept to around 25 and the invitation process is selective. The four-day event takes place concurrent with IFFR and shares its location with the festival centre, De Doelen, in the heart of Rotterdam.

CineMart Dossier & Meeting Schedule
The CineMart staff organises CineMart meetings with filmmakers with prior to the market event. After the project selection is completed, the CineMart staff creates an elaborate dossier with all the selected projects, and invited professionals inform the CineMart about their interests. After that, a master meeting schedule is set up. Upon arrival in Rotterdam, all guests receive their personal meeting schedules.

CineMart Guests
CineMart is an by-invite only market. The list of industry delegates attending CineMart is carefully reviewed each year in order to ensure that the attending industry can contribute to the projects in the CineMart selection. CineMart-accredited guests are provided access to all festival and CineMart activities, get free admissions to public screenings and access to press and industry screenings and the Video Library. Invitations are sent out by the end of November.

CineMart Accredition Requests
For first-time guests, kindly send a company profile and name + position within the company in November to accreditation@iffr.com. The deadline is 1 December 2015.

Rotterdam Lab
The CineMart staff also organises Rotterdam Lab, a five-day training workshop for young and emerging producers designed to build up their international network and their experience at an international festival and market. Participation in the Rotterdam Lab provides producers with the confidence and skills to navigate the festival circuit and meet professionals who can help finance their projects. The participants of the Rotterdam Lab are nominated through the partnering organisations of CineMart. For more information on the Rotterdam Lab click here .

CineMart History
International Film Festival Rotterdam launched CineMart in 1983 as a regular film market. However, it soon became clear that there was a greater need for a new kind of platform to present projects that look for additional financing.

With that in mind, IFFR remodelled CineMart as an effective co-production market - the first of its kind. Throughout its history, CineMart has proven to be an integral part of the film industry, providing an indispensable platform for support of the realisation of new film projects and heralding the start of each new 'film season'.

The formula of introducing projects to potential co-producers, sales agents, television buyers, distributors and financiers in one-on-one meetings has proven to be so effective that many festivals have used the same blueprint to create their own co-production markets. CineMart is pleased to be working together with many of them, including Cannes, Berlin, Hong Kong, Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) and Sarajevo.

CineMart has a rich history of presenting daring, innovative and independent film projects. You can browse through previous selections below.
For CineMart selections before 2003, please contact the CineMart staff.

Over the years, more than 454 CineMart selected films have been completed and launched. Each year, about 20 CineMart titles premiere at major international festivals including Cannes, Venice, Locarno, Toronto, Berlin and, of course, Rotterdam.

For a full list of all realised CineMart projects, download the Excel Sheet (opens in a new browser window in Excel format).

CineMart Team
  • Marit van den Elshout, Head of Industry & CineMart
  • Bianca Taal, Manager CineMart
  • Inke Van Loocke, Coordinator CineMart & Rotterdam Lab
CineMart selection committee
  • Tobias Pausinger
  • Konstantinos Kontovrakis
  • Jannie Langbroek
  • Marion Klotz
  • Nikolas Montaldi
  • Frank Peijnenburg
  • Anita Voorham
Members of the CineMart International Advisory Board

In 1998, IFFR created the CineMart International Advisory Board, aimed at formalizing links with the industry to increase input in terms of CineMart's overall strategy, its guests and the project selection. The CineMart International Advisory Board assesses and advises on CineMart, its purpose and future. The Board is composed of distinguished and knowledgeable film professionals from all over the world.

  • Ido Abram, EYE Film Instituut (the Netherlands)
  • David Atlan-Jackson, Backup Films (France)
  • Juan Gordon, Morena Films (Spain)
  • Keith Griffiths, Illuminations Films (United Kingdom)
  • Claudia Landsberger, Eye Film Instituut (the Netherlands)
  • Scott Macaulay, Forensic Films (USA)
  • Lorna Tee, Paperheart Sdn Bhd (Hong Kong/Malaysia)
  • Susan Wendt, TrustNordisk (Denmark)

Former members of the CineMart International Advisory Board:
  • Wouter Barendrecht, Fortissimo Films (Hong Kong/Netherlands) †
  • Karl Baumgartner, Pandora Film Produktion (Germany)
  • Dora Bouchoucha Fourati, Nomadis Images (Tunisia)
  • George Goldenstern, Cinefondation - Résidence du Festival (France)
  • Marion Hänsel, Man's Films Productions (Belgium)
  • Fiona Mitchell, Migrations (United Kingdom)
  • Jeremy Nathan, DV8 Films (South Africa)
  • Andrea Occhipinti, Lucky Red (Italy)
  • Chris Paton (Fortissimo Films, UK)
  • Tobias Pausinger, The Match Factory (Germany)
  • Jorge Sanchez, Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • Christa Saredi, Escuela Internacional de Cine/TV (Switzerland)
  • Tsukeda Naoko, Pony Canyon Inc. (Japan)

The 33rd edition of CineMart will take place at IFFR from 31 January to 3 February 2016.