45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

A Sketch of Manners (Alfred Roch's Last Masquerade)SH-2013 

A tableau vivant alternating with archival material brings to life an unknown history in which the Palestinian bourgeoisie, led by Jaffa's biggest landowner Alfred Roch, attended masked balls dressed as pierrots. Shot at the American Colony Hotel, the film explores traces of the past.

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Norway, Palestine 2012
DirectorJumana Manna
ProducerJumana Manna
SalesJumana Manna
ScenarioJumana Manna
CastHakim Bishara
PhotographyDaniel Kedem, Jumana Manna
EditorJumana Manna
Production designJumana Manna
Sound designJakob Langvik
Film formatDCP
2013 Spectrum Shorts International premiere
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