45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

I Love the Sound of the Kalachnikov, it Reminds me of TchaikMP-2001 

Documentary film links, in a personal way, life and family stories with major events in modern history. With a beautiful soundtrack.

Philippe Khazarian: 'Here I am, with many others, watching and celebrating a new era - believing that images can have their own doubts. I will never forget my first ride on the back seat of a scooter. I was five. My father had lost me in Lyon's immense national park while I was performing cartwheels. Alone, surrounded by hundreds of Sunday-afternoon strollers, while the French National Police were looking for me. I finally decided to hitchhike on the nearby road. A stranger jumped off his scooter and started questioning me. What was I doing here on my own? Why was I crying? Where was my home? We were soon flying along the streets of Lyon. Under the helmet, I couldn't tell who this adult was. There were no introductions and when we said goodbye, at the front door, he held me and made sure that I would always remember that he, who saved me that day, was a man.'Khazarian's unusual film is a love story set at the end of the nineties, when a short visit to a war zone in Karabach evokes memories of both the terrible fate of the city and his own personal tragedy years earlier in France. Khazarian links both emotional lines in a surprising cinematographic investigation of his own and the collective memory. The French-British production was shot on 35mm, partly on Super 8 and DV and will be projected on digital video with Dolby Surround.

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France, United Kingdom 2001
DirectorPhilippe Vartan Khazarian
ProducerKhazarian LTD
 Philippe Vartan Khazarian
ScenarioPhilippe Vartan Khazarian
CastGarabed Maguessian
 Aravni Maguessian
 Arax Mansourian
 Jana Galoustian
 Gerard Chaliand
PhotographySacha Der Petrossian, Philippe Vartan Khazarian
EditorStephane Leclerc
Sound designFelix Le Bars
Film formatBetacam Digi PAL
2001 main programme features World premiere
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