45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

The White HouseEX-2007 

From dusk till dawn, the same murder scene in front of a southern mansion 73 times. The sunlight serenely continues on its own course. Free entrance / walk-in-walk-out .

Lasting over thirteen hours, Claerbout's film shows two men engaged in a discussion against the back-drop of a neoclassical house in southern France. An act of violence is repeated and re-enacted more than seventy times over the course of the film. Dissolving the boundaries between photography and film, Claerbout’s work puts into question the reassuring stillness of photography and the inevitable narrative progress of the cinematic image.
Courtesy of the artist and Micheline Szwacjer Antwerp.

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Belgium 2006
DirectorDavid Claerbout
2007 Exploding Cinema: Speed of Light
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