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Another YearSP-2014 
Yeshche odin god

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He's an unemployed guy who earns some money by giving lifts to strangers. She's a graphic designer who just got her first job. The film tracks their relationship - and the way it gradually melts away - throughout a year. A subtle, moving portrait of an immature love that breaks down easily. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

A young married couple in today's Moscow: He's an unemployed guy who gets some money by giving rides to strangers at nights (the illegal taxi driving so common in Russia). She's a young graphic designer who just got her first job. The film tracks their unstable relationship throughout a year. Both have different backgrounds and pursue different goals in life, and gradually the differences, no matter how insignificant, become fatally important for their relationship.
Oxana Bychkova makes a poignant portrait of a young, immature love and subtly shows how feelings inevitably become routine, against the will of the lovers. This unsentimental and touching drama unfolds gradually but its pace is engaging and has genuine tension. Freely and elegantly shot in Moscow, not an easy city to capture in film. Written by Natalia Meschaninova and Lubov Mulmenko, authors of The Hope Factory (in Tiger competition this year).

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Russia 2014
DirectorOxana Bychkova
ProducerMikhail Rozentsveyg
 Arnold Tatarintsev
 Nikolay Borodachev
 Vasiliy Shilnikov
 Multiland Ltd.
 Gosfilmofond of Russia
ScenarioNatalia Meschaninova, Lubov Mulmenko
CastNadya Lumpova
 Alexey Filimonov
PhotographyKirill Bobrov
EditorIvan Lebedev
Production designOlga Khlebnikova
Sound designVladimir Golovnitsky
Film formatDCP
2014 Spectrum World premiere
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