45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016


<strong>Bikas Ranjan Mishra</strong>
<strong>César Acevedo</strong>

The Boost! programme is a joint initiative by International Film Festival Rotterdam's Hubert Bals Fund, CineMart, Rotterdam Lab and Amsterdam's Binger Filmlab. For this third edition, Boost! welcomes three new partners to the programme: South Africa's Durban FilmMart, Fundación TyPA from Argentina and the National Film Development Corporation of India.

Supported by MEDIA Mundus, Boost! aims to provide a financial, creative and networking stimulus to high-potential film projects from Africa, Latin America and South Asia by combining the unique expertise of each of the partners involved and offering these projects a tailor-made course.

Every year, five projects selected for Hubert Bals Fund Script and Project Development support are offered the opportunity to further develop at Binger Filmlab as part of the Binger On Demand programme. At Binger Filmlab, the filmmakers are offered script consultancy sessions based on the specific needs of the project and filmmaker. During IFFR, the Boost! projects are presented at either the CineMart or Rotterdam Lab, where they will be offered a special Boost! co-production workshop as part of Rotterdam Lab.

The partnership with Durban FilmMart entails the selection of two projects from Africa. This years'selection is Ugandan project Wasswa by Donald Mugisha, which will participate in the upcoming edition of Rotterdam Lab, and Tjovitjo by Vincent Moloi from South Africa, which will be presented at CineMart.

The partnership with Fundación TyPA entails the selection of one Latin American project. This years’ selection is the Colombian project La tierra y la sombra by César Acevedo, which will be presented at CineMart.

The partnership with NFDC India entails the selection of two South Asian projects. This years' selection, White Sun by Deepak Rauniyar from Nepal and Wild Fire by Bikas Ranjan Mishra from India, will – following their presentation at Goa Film Bazaar – travel onwards to Rotterdam to participate in Rotterdam Lab in order to follow up on previously-made connections.

Boost! 2013/14 selection:

  • Wild Fire by Bikas Ranjan Mishra (India) - participating in Rotterdam Lab
  • White Sun by Deepak Rauniyar (Nepal) - participating in Rotterdam Lab
  • La tierra y la sombra by by César Acevedo (Colombia) - participating in CineMart
  • Wasswa by Donald Mugisha (Uganda) - participating in Rotterdam Lab
  • Tjovitjo by Vincent Moloi (South Africa) - participating in CineMart
Boost! 2012/13 selection: Boost! 2011/12 selection:
  • Djin - Hawa Essuman (Kenya)
  • El 5 de Talleres (The Midfielder) - Adrian Biniez (Uruguay/Argentina/Germany)
  • Humidity - Nikola Ljuca (Serbia/Germany)
  • Los doláres de arena (Sand Dollars) - Laura Amelia Guzmán & Israel Cárdenas (Dominican Republic/Mexico/France)
  • Jomo - Kivu Ruhorahoza (Rwanda/Australia)

FAQ Boost!

How do I submit my project for the Boost! trajectory?

You cannot submit your project to Boost! yourself. Boost! projects are selected from the projects already selected for HBF support for Script and Project Development. The selection will be made by Binger Filmlab, CineMart and the Hubert Bals Fund.

What kind of consultancy will be offered by Binger Filmlab?
You will be offered one-on-one script consultancy for a period of three months from an international expert connected to Binger Filmlab. The offered script coaching will be based on the specific needs of the project and the filmmaker. This trajectory includes one visit to Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam (see below), but will mainly take place through conversations through Skype, e-mail or telephone.

Will I have to travel to Amsterdam for Boost!?
Yes, you will have to travel to Amsterdam once for a one-on-one meeting with your script consultant. This will be a few-days visit only. Please note that the expenses for your ticket to Amsterdam may be partly subtracted from the grant that you received from the Hubert Bals Fund for Script and Project Development (a maximum of €10.000).

How will the Boost! projects be presented at the CineMart or Rotterdam Lab?
Depending on the individual needs and status of the projects, the five Boost! projects are presented at either IFFR's CineMart or are invited to participate in the Rotterdam Lab. Annually, CineMart of IFFR attracts over 800 film professionals from all over the world. The Boost! projects presented at the CineMart will be included in the CineMart dossier and its makers will be offered one-on-one meetings with the industry delegates that are present. The Rotterdam Lab is IFFR's training seminar for emerging producers, which is annually organised during CineMart. The Boost! projects participating in Rotterdam Lab will have the opportunity to participate in the 5-day workshop and meet with international industry experts and fellow producers from around the world.

If my project were to be selected for Boost!, would I also receive an extra financial contribution for my project?
Only projects that are already selected for a Script and Project Development grant are eligible for the Boost! programme. Apart from a (maximum of ) € 10.000 grant from the HBF, Boost! does not provide a financial contribution to your project. The script coaching trajectory will be offered to you by Binger Filmlab. During IFFR, you will be invited by CineMart or Rotterdam Lab. Your flight and accommodation during CineMart/Rotterdam Lab will be provided by the festival.

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