45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Project entry Hubert Bals Fund


1 March 2015
for HBF: Script & Project Development Support Application form now available in MyIFFR

7 April 2015 for NFF+HBF (previously HBF Plus) - Dutch producers only

1 April 2015 for HBF+Europe Minority Co-production Support

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions website for more information about these funding categories.
The Hubert Bals Fund grants support in different phases in the development of a film. Please find detailed information about each of these categories below. Support for HBF: Script & Project Development can be requested in the Spring and Fall of 2015. Support for HBF: Postproduction can only be requested in the Fall of 2015. NFF+HBF Production support (previously HBF Plus) for a previously supported HBF-project with a Dutch producer can be requested 7 April and 6 October 2015. The call for applications for HBF+Europe Minority Co-production Support opens in December 2014 and the deadline is 1 April 2015. HBF+Europe Distribution support for international co-productions will open its call in May 2015 with its deadline 1 September 2015.

A Script and Project Development grant can be used for the further development of the script (e.g. research, writing, translation or hiring a coach or script consultant) but can also...

HBF+Europe offers minority co-production support to European producers to participate in high-quality feature films by talented filmmakers from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America...

Netherlands Film Fund - Hubert Bals Fund Coproduction Scheme. In order to stimulate Dutch producers to get involved in international co-productions, and to support Hubert Bals Fund...

A post-production grant can be used for various activities in the post-production process (e.g. editing, colour grading or sound mixing).

The HBF+Europe distribution scheme offers financial support to the distribution of feature films by filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America and parts of Eastern Europe, to stimulate...