45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

From Rotterdam to Cannes: L'Atelier 2012

<strong>Manuel Martin Cuenca</strong>
<strong>Adina Pintilie</strong>
<strong>Song Pengfei</strong>
<strong>Pablo Lamar</strong>
<strong>Robin Weng</strong>
<strong>Daniel Schmidt</strong>
<strong>Gabriel Abrantes</strong>

Six out of the fifteen film projects selected for L’Atelier 2012 of the Festival de Cannes, were either supported by Rotterdam’s Hubert Bals Fund or presented at IFFR’s CineMart.

L'Atelier 2012: Hubert Bals Fund-suppported projects
In 2010 and 2011, the Hubert Bals Fund granted script & project development support to the projects by Robin Weng (China) and Pablo Lamar (Paraguay) now selected for L'Atelier 2012.
Robin Weng (Weng Shou-ming) has made several short films. His first feature film Fujian Blue (2007), realised with financial support of the Hubert Bals Fund, was ex aequo awarded the Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema in Vancouver 2007 and was selected for IFFR's Tiger Awards Competition in 2008. His film project 'Du, Zooey and Ma' is produced by Wonderland Pictures (China).
Pablo Lamar's film project 'La ultima tierra' is co-produced by Sapukai Cine (Paraguay), Fortuna Films (The Netherlands) and Mandra Films (France). Additionally, Pablo Lamar was a participant of the Rotterdam Lab in 2010.

L'Atelier 2012: CineMart Projects
L'Atelier 2012 film projects by Song Pengfei (China), Adina Pintilie (Romania), Gabriel Abrantes & Daniel Schmidt (France/Portugal) and Manuel Martin Cuenca (Spain) were first presented at CineMart 2011 or 2012.
Previous works by Adina Pintilie and Abrantes & Schmidt screened in IFFR: Pintilie's medium-length feature film Oxygen was selected for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films in 2010. She presents her film project Touch Me Not at the Atelier 2012.
In 2011, Abrantes & Schmidt's short film A History of Mutual Respect screened in IFFR's Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films. The same year, their medium-length feature film Palácios de Pena (Palaces of Pity) premiered at the Venice film festival and was selected for IFFR 2012's Shorts section. They present their project Tristed Monroes at the Atelier 2012.
At the Atelier 2012, Song Pengfei presents his film project Underground Fragrance and Manuel Martin Cuenca his project Cannibal.

Launched in 2005, L’Atelier allows emerging filmmakers and producers to complete the financing of their upcoming films. The filmmakers and their producers take part in the next Festival de Cannes and present their projects to film industry professionals. L’Atelier is one of the activities of the Cannes film festival’s Cinefondation.

Every year, the Festival de Cannes selects films that have been supported by the Hubert Bals Fund or have been launched as projects at CineMart. Furthermore Cannes' Marche du Film/Producers Network is one of CineMart's Partners.