45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016


Want to know more about the people behind the festival programme? What are their backgrounds, special interests and expertises? Find out below.

Edwin Carels
As a film programmer and curator, Edwin Carels is especially interested in the relationship between visual arts and film, video and photography. Each year, his work for International Film Festival Rotterdam focuses on developing thematic programmes (formerly known under the umbrella term 'Exploding Cinema') that demonstrate cultural implications of changes in media technology. Besides his work for IFFR, Carels curates, teaches and writes about art, film, animation and media archaeology.
Contact: e.carels@iffr.com

Evgeny Gusyatinskiy
Evgeny Gusyatinskiy studied film history and theory at the VGIK (All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography). Aftter his studies, Gusyatinskiy has been working as a film critic and journalist for a range of Russian media. He is an editor of Film Art (Russian: Iskusstvo Kino), the oldest film magazine in Europe. Gusyatinskiy has been visiting IFFR since 2005, where he was part of the IFFR’s Young Film Critics Project. He has been selecting full-length films for the Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi since 2006 and compiles programmes for the Pioner Cinema arthouse cinema in Moscow.
For IFFR, Evgeny Gusyatinskiy selects feature films from Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Contact: e.gusyatinskiy@iffr.com

Chinlin Hsieh
Chinlin Hsieh comes from Taiwan and has lived in France since 1988. She started in the film world assisting Hou Hsiao-hsien and producing Tsai Ming-liang (What Time Is It There). She subsequently worked on project development, acquisition and sales with Arena Films, The Coproduction Office and Celluloid Dreams. She was a member of the selection committees of the Turin Film Fund, the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum and the Venice Days. At present, Hsieh is executive producer at Soudaine Compagnie for feature films by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, the Larrieu Brothers and Leos Carax. As an IFFR programmer, Hsieh selects feature films from France and French-speaking Canada as well as for the Tiger Awards Competition.
Contact: c.hsieh@iffr.com

Peter van Hoof
Peter van Hoof has a background as an independent cinema programmer: first at the Squat Cinema Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam, then as a founder and programmer of Cinema De Balie - the independent cinema department of political cultural centre De Balie in the heart of Amsterdam. He is also one of the founders of and current contributor to Stichting De Filmbank, a small organization for promoting Dutch Experimental Cinema.
As a programmer for IFFR, Van Hoof heads the Short Film selection committee. The other members are Joke Ballintijn, Fay Breeman, Erwin van 't Hart, Julian Ross, Peter Taylor and Theus Zwakhals. Besides the Short Film section, Van Hoof selects the features and documentaries from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Contact: p.vanhoof@iffr.com

Inge de Leeuw
Inge de Leeuw studied Culture Sciences in Rotterdam and Film & Television Sciences in Utrecht. After her studies, she started working at the IFFR programme department for the festival’s 2006 edition next to working as a film producer. In 2010 and 2011, she worked as an assistant programmer and producer of commissioned works in the ‘Where is Africa?’ section. For IFFR 2011, she compiled the ‘Out of Fashion’ programme on film and fashion – a programme that was also shown in Maastricht, Saint Petersburg, São Paolo and Moscow. She writes about film and technology for the Creators Project.
Inge de Leeuw will be selecting films for the IFFR from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as for the Tiger Awards Competition.
Contact: i.deleeuw@iffr.com

Bianca Taal
After graduating in Film and Television Studies at Utrecht University, Bianca Taal started working with the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2001 as a staff member of the Hubert Bals Fund and CineMart. From 2005 - 2007 Bianca was co-Head of CineMart. After that, Bianca became director of the Hubert Bals Fund from 2007 - 2009.
From 2009 - November 2011, Bianca worked as the Head of Programmes at the Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam. Bianca was an advisor on the Committee Feature Fiction Film of the Dutch Film Fund from 2006 - 2010.
Bianca Taal will oversee the 2012 selection of feature length films from Greece, Turkey, Israel, Iran and the Arab world. Besides, she is a member of the CineMart selection committee.
Contact: b.taal@iffr.com

Gerwin Tamsma
Gerwin Tamsma is responsible for programming Rotterdam’s feature films from China and Korea, Latin America and - in Europe - Belgium, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Tamsma is part of the selection committee for the Tiger Awards competition, as well as the committee of the Hubert Bals Fund. He has been curating retrospectives as well as special programmes for the festival.
Contact: g.tamsma@iffr.com

Gertjan Zuilhof
Gertjan Zuilhof (1955) is a Dutchman from the regions north of the big rivers. In Holland this means one is quite likely touched by Protestant traditions. Yet, Zuilhof is born in a generation fascinated by Provo (typical Dutch version of sixties Dada) as well. He was educated as a fine arts master and finished his studies in Art History in Leiden (the one town that the young artist Rembrandt once left for Amsterdam). For quite some time, Zuilhof had worked as a film critic for the cinema monthly Skrien and the cultural-political weekly De Groene Amsterdammer, before heading to the International Film Festival Rotterdam, where he has been a programmer for almost a decade now. He makes contributions to the general programme of the festival and develops more special thematic programmes.
Gertjan selects films from North and Southeast Asia (excluding China and Korea), Central and Southern Africa as well as for the Tiger Awards Competition. He is also part of the selection committee of the Hubert Bals Fund.
Contact: g.zuilhof@iffr.com