45th edition 27 January - 7 February 2016

Tiger Film Mecenaat

As an innovative and leading platform for independent film in an international context and the largest multi-day cultural event in the Netherlands, International Film Festival Rotterdam wishes to involve festival visitors and cinephiles in the financing of exceptional film projects, and has set up its own fund for this purpose: the patrons' fund called the Tiger Film Mecenaat.

Aims of the Tiger Film Mecenaat
This fund aims to support independent and innovative film and film-related art projects from all over the world, and its presentation and screenings at International Film Festival Rotterdam. Incomes from this fund will enable IFFR to discover the new, international faces of film at an early stage. By offering a platform to these talents, strong links are forged with them, further improving the international competitiveness of IFFR.

The Tiger Film Mecenaat has been realised in cooperation with the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, and takes the form of a Registered Culture Fund. They will handle the management, administration and expenditure of the Tiger Film Mecenaat. The Cultuurfonds has specialised in private patronage of the arts in the Netherlands for more than 70 years, and manages more than 260 Registered Culture Funds for private parties, foundations and businesses.

A unique collaboration
International Film Festival Rotterdam's managing director, Janneke Staarink: 'It is now clear to everyone that the climate for the financing of the arts and culture in the Netherlands is changing. Arts bodies will increasingly have to turn to their grassroots supporters for financial stability, and this includes IFFR. This requires specific knowledge of private arts patronage, which is something that cannot be gained overnight. For this reason, we had asked the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds – which has over 70 years of experience in private patronage of the arts in the Netherlands – to help and collaborate with us, and they were immediately very enthusiastic. Combining forces with the Cultuurfonds in the shape of the Tiger Film Mecenaat, is unique in its own kind and something we are very proud of.'

Adriana Esmeijer, director of the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds: 'The Cultuurfonds is the expert in private arts patronage, and as such we continually develop new forms of fundraising, as we believe that innovation within arts patronage is crucial to strengthen the cultural sector - especially now. For this pilot project, the Cultuurfonds chose a strong, high-profile partner in the IFFR; an 'A' brand. We will conduct the management, the administration and the expenditure of particular this Registered Culture Fund, the Tiger Film Mecenaat. Through donations to the Tiger Film Mecenaat, donators can profit from the full extent of the donations tax deduction. The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds assures donators to the Tiger Film Mecenaat that their donations will be well-managed.'

How to donate
It is possible to take part in the Tiger Film Mecenaat for a minimum of €500 per annum by means of a regular donation by notarial instrument. It is also possible to make a one-off donation to the Tiger Film Mecenaat from a company, foundation or capital fund or to include the Tiger Film Mecenaat as a beneficiary of a will.